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Since Triple Canopy was launched in March 2008, we have published and presented the work of more than six hundred artists and writers online, at public programs, and in print projects. Each issue of the online magazine is available, in its entirety, for free: no paywalls. But each year the cost of producing our work grows along with our ambitions—an investment worth making, we think.

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Publishers Circle

The Publishers Circle is Triple Canopy’s invitational membership group for individuals whose contributions support the organization’s increasingly ambitious publishing agenda, including digital works of art and literature, public conversations, exhibitions, and books.

Regrettably, despite the necessity of such efforts to fuse new and old media and artistic practices, this field remains critically underserved and underfunded. And so Triple Canopy is convening a circle of individuals who are distinguished by their contributions to art and literature and share a commitment to print culture during this time of cultural and technological upheaval. Members receive copies of all publications, personalized monthly emails with updates on Triple Canopy’s publishing work, complimentary invitations to special events, and listing on all digital and print materials.

A list of current members of the Publishers Circle can be found below. For more information about this membership group, please write to peter@canopycanopycanopy.com.

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Today public life has largely migrated online. Our encounters with art and literature often begin on the Web, where new work is promoted, circulated, and often legitimized. Despite the significance of the technological and cultural upheavals we’re experiencing, few organizations have determined to address the conditions of life—and the experience of culture—in the digital age with a refined historical perspective. Triple Canopy serves as an alternative to tech-world fantasies about crowd-sourced knowledge production and algorithmic cultural creation. Triple Canopy recognizes the importance of time and attention in allowing an imaginative world to take shape, and of collaborations that invest real dialogue and debate into formally engaged, interdisciplinary work. In doing so, Triple Canopy seeks to engender a new culture of reading and viewing.

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